Happy new year!

Oh gosh, or is too late to say this? Or is it even the right dynamic? Seeing as I was here last in September, I think it’s safe for me to wish you a great new start. Because it is actually.

A lot has been going on, with me, with you I bet, and the entire world as a whole. I just hope that you are staying afloat, being & doing the best that you can do. I took this time off to recreate myself, redesign my being, reconnect with my life , my family and my spirituality and I can happily say the journey has been amazing.

Last night, I took to The Gram to explain my disappearance and appearance back into this blogging scene. To be quite frank, this has always been my number one passion and It pained me to put it aside but I am grateful that I worked on myself and got the time to give my website a new feel perfect for the rebirth of my presentation and outlook to life.

So while we are here, how are you liking the presentation? I feel like it speaks to itself about where I am mentally and I couldn’t be more proud.

So shall we take a trip back to memory lane? I

started off the year on a great note, with a nice date with a friend, did a lot of catching up, mended the broken bridges, I had a few stumbling factors by the second day of the year and I came online and found myself relating to everyone who already felt like they messed up the beginning of the new year.

That didn’t stop me though, I was determined to have a fresh outlook, a greater start, and one habit I picked up was filling an empty jar every week with a ‘post it’ sharing the highlight of that week, for the entire year. That way, no matter what happens, there’s always going to be something worth smiling for and I can’t wait to open the notes at the end of the year and read them on new years eve, to just share the highlights of my entire year!

Then I planned a trip to the Coast that was long over due and I enjoyed the time there, made some amazing memories, buried all the dirt in the ocean and finally set off my journey back and did a month’s social media detox where I just shut everything off and focused on the bare minimum routine of a college student. During that time, I broke a lot of habits, the 21 day theory of breaking a bad habit/ addiction by consistently practicing a routine really worked.

I thought of resurfacing, but then the pandemic happened, and It just felt like such a sensitive time to just move on with life like nothing was wrong ‘in my opinion’. I don’t think it’s wrong to continue on with life without letting things take over, but I just thought it well to take life in and just stay afloat.

That has been the past couple of months for me. It’s good to write again, its’s great to be filled with ideas again and I hope you’ll stay tuned because I will be posting more often, with more writing on all things Sincerely, Didi that’s life, mental health, fashion & I’ll be coming back to , YouTube soon.

In the meantime stay home, stay safe, subscribe to both my platforms to never miss a post and I will see you soon!

Location: Saab Bakery & Cafe


Sincerely, Didi

Above all else, guard you heart,for everything you do, flows from it.

Proverbs 4:23

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