Back to Uni

I’m super excited to be back in school this Fall semester because I have one more year and I’ll be done!

The most exciting part of my morning happens to be looking for an outfit for school and this week I was literally all about playing with colours.

I was feeling myself in this mini striped dress that had a couple of head turns as I was walking in town but who cares right? My dress, my choice .

I threw over my oversized denim jacket and had my boho belt cinching my waist to add a minimal statement to the look.

Let’s talk about bags now shall we ? For me , the most comfy and cute opt would defo lean towards totes, so this pink, striped tote was my go to for the week.

For my shoes, I always lean towards something comfy so my maroon converse had to play a major key in my ensemble.

Well that’s it for this weeks post guys! I hope you enjoyed this short post, do stay tuned for more but most importantly, stay safe !


Sincerely, Didi

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