I don’t know what you’re going through sis ( or bro hehe ) But this week I want to grace you with some motivation. You were not built to shrink down into less, but to blossom into more. I hope that sits well with you. This week we’re doing florals because it’s all about springing Continue Reading

Happy Hour

Happy new week folks! Did I just hear someone say happy hour? Because that’s my favourite hour of the day! Last week actually, was the visaburgerweek2019 and I had to jump in on the bandwagon. Quite the contrary, It turned out to be more of a cocktail session with one of my girls.My look was Continue Reading


Hey hey there SD Gang. I know…. It’s been more than a minute. I even forgot how to get this done , but my short break is finally over. What was I upto, you may ask? There’s been a lot of downs, but I’m glad the highs were more. To answer you, I took this Continue Reading