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Hey hey! Happy new week everyone!

So this week happens to be my birthday week and I’m super excited to add another year in my life.

This week I’m keeping it plain and simple. I’ve been trying to upgrade my wardrobe because crops and skinnies are slowly fading away & I’m trying to change my wardrobe because of adulting.

Don’t get me wrong though. I do love my crops as skinnies and I’m not looking to ditch them forever.

This is just a step up in terms of dressing because I’m growing older by the days so I need to look the part.

Because of the weather changing, it’s time to start layering and it happens to be so much fun.

I paired my pink blazer from over my long sleeved polka dot blouse featuring my boyfriend jeans & booties. Cute right?

The look was pretty simple and matches the vibe I was going for.

Well that about it for this week! Do stay tuned for more posts but most importantly, stay safe !


Sincerely , Didi

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