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Cord’s & two piece sets

Hey hey hey !

If you know me then you’d know I hardly wear co-rds which the fashion world calls them matchy-matchy two pieces.

They’re designed to be worn together and what mostly works is by them having same coloured patterns , but some are also just plain and simple .

My look for instance, was an example of a trope , more versatile than the tailored or cocktail dresses.When pairing a two piece , it would be great to be on the lookout on how the piece falls together with the shoe option as well.

I wore this grey two piece set that was perfect for the winter right now. Inside , it was very layered and comfy at the same damn time! Because greys usually show minimal vibes, I decided to opt for white converses so as to let the focus be on the two piece and not on the shoes.

I was mesmerised with the high slit that was defo out to showcase my long legs , which are my favourite feature.

The look was simple and clean, perfect for a chilled out day up and about .

I hope you enjoyed this short post! Be on the look out for more on what I’m wearing this winter & most importantly, stay safe !


Sincerely, Didi

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