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Becoming The Kamara’s

Hey hey hey!

So to set the pace right, let me start with the main reason that I’m here in London . My big sister Rudi as we call her was getting hitched so we had to come down and celebrate that lovely event with her !

As you know it , it’s a day set aside for her to be Bound in Holy Matrimony to her wedded husband James Kamara.

The theme was simple whites and blush pink , so that’s what most of us went for ! Here we have my cousin Dr. Marylnn in a pink A line dress with cut out office heels . Her mom my aunt Gertrude went for a smart casual suit piece with a fascinator on her head .

The newly wed husband , “Family” as I call him was in a lovely black velvet suit that literally showcased his highness and style .

My dad went for this amazing suit that I helped pick of course ! It was a perfect fit , with pinstripes and high quality cotton. Dapper is the word to call it !

For me as you know it , my favourite colour happens to be pink , so I went for a blush pink midi dress that accentuated my curves perfectly .

We were lucky that the weather came through for us so it wasn’t as cold. It was simply perfect for a long sleeved dress with lace detail.

I had my hair up in a bun to bring more focus to my face beat that was also a simple do, with a touch of blush pink.

I matched my dress up with pink sandal heels, a cute clutch bag and a big smile on my face.

A more detailed vlog will be up on my channel showcasing the entire event so stay tuned for that!


Sincerely, Didi 


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