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Let me quickly brief you up on what happened here.
So the annual Nairobi Burger Festival was on a little over two months ago, and it was my first time to experience it, so we went to Charlies Bistro before it sadly got demolished.

I was all dolled up and ready to cease the day so my outfit opt had to be my blue high-waisted skinnies that are my current favs and  I was so lucky to have seen them as I was thrift shopping at Ngara.

I actually also got this pink striped off-shoulder from Ngara as well and I even did a clothing haul on my off-shoulder collection and you can watch it Here.

I rarely wear turbans over my hair especially because it gets too hot in Nairobi so this was definitely one for the books. I went for purple because it brightened up my look and it was also the only available one.

I’ve grown to be so obsessed with wearing off shoulders since the trend started, and I especially love how it flatters my clavicles. I’m I the only one who feels like clavicles are so attractive?

I really loved the ambiance of the restaurant and speaking of , I matched up my look with  my clutch bag and paired them with my snake skin gladiators .

I matched up my look with this  fur coat perfect for the evening when the weather changes .

That’s it for today guys! Hope you enjoyed this post, look out for more, but most importantly , stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi

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