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Hey hey hey! So guess who just landed in London! I’m super excited that I’m finally here for my sisters wedding and OMG  that’s going to be a stunner! The weather has been great so far, so I’ve not started layering out my outfits . For this chilled out day, I decided to go for …



Let me quickly brief you up on what happened here. So the annual Nairobi Burger Festival was on a little over two months ago, and it was my first time to experience it, so we went to Charlies Bistro before it sadly got demolished. I was all dolled up and ready to cease the day …



So, the other day, I got invited to the first ever Keventers Milkshake Bar in East Africa . Crazy right ? So the perfect piece to wear for the milkshake tasting event had to be something bright and bubbly because why not ! So there you go! I wore this floral maxi that is my …