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Just as the poster behind me says , take time to love the little things . These little things in life end up being great so why not invest in that??

I’m throwing it back to my birthday which was a few months ago but feels like it was just yesterday that I clocked 22.

A lot has changed since then, but one thing I will not stop doing would be creating content because it gives me such joy to write and to share with you my lifestyle diaries .

I came across this gorgeous restaurant called Brioche, located in Westlands & oh my gosh the interiors were definitely done so right !

Din din time! You must bet  that our table was set for the Kings , following all these servings, let alone how amazing the food was.

I would defo recommend this spot especially if you’re looking for something simple, quiet & aesthetic at the same time .

If you know me , you know I love me some leg action, so I defo had to go for a mini dress for the occasion.

I wore this cute midi dress that I stole from my sister , a habit I need to stop by now . Sorry sis! Also, I had a big smile on my face and let out my fro because , big hair , don’t care, right ?

My bestie Carole was all dressed up in skinnies and a body suit, showing her curves off . We decided to twin up and wear ankle booties for the day.

Well that’s it for today babes! I hope you enjoyed this  post, do stay tuned for more posts but most importantly, stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi

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