Prints & Booties

Just as the poster behind me says , take time to love the little things . These little things in life end up being great so why not invest in that?? I’m throwing it back to my birthday which was a few months ago but feels like it was just yesterday that I clocked 22. Continue Reading

Making Memories

Okay, If you know me , you know how I love to pair colourful pieces to my outfits so this right here was me stepping out of my comfort zone. It was a beautiful day to just sit down, relax , take in the gorgeous view at Ololua Nature Trail. I wore my cut out Continue Reading


Omg, I’m coming back to the blog a little like months late but if you’ve been with me through this journey then you’d know that I’ve been going through a lot, mentally and emotionally. I’ve always loved writing and sharing tid bits with you but since I got diagnosed with schizophrenia, my mental capacity has Continue Reading