Sunny days in my Florals

On a normal day, I’d be dressed up in tees and jeans but I saw these pants from my moms closet & I had to cop them.

I was rather going for a casual look so I didn’t need much effort to pair this enesemble.

I love how florals always compliment an outfit , so I paired this dress top & tucked it in for that tom-girl look.

I’m also so happy the weather decided to co-operate so it was the perfect mix for a sunny chilled day .

If you know me, you know I’m such a goofy girl so I always love to incorporate a colourful and fun piece to my outfits . The converse , my most trusty closet piece teamed up very well with the shorts & brought out the vibe I was looking for .

I played it simple by adding this brown belt to act as my statement piece . It’s a definite favourite this one.

Of late , I’ve also been trying new hairstyles , so this low ponytail was my go to and you can  watch the tutorial on how I achieved this look on my YouTube channel.

Because I’m such a huge fan of simplicity, I added minimal Accesories , my watch & some hoop earrings .

A look ?

I hope you enjoyed this short post, do stay tuned for more , but most importantly , stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi 

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