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My rule of thumb

As I sit here writing this, believe me when I tell you  that I am very proud of myself! Why? I’ve had these sequin pants for the longest time and I’ve never been able to pull them off until well, now !

First of all, this happened so fast, I was having one of those dreaded days where “I have nothing to wear” then I saw these shiny pants and my face literally beamed up.

Let’s just take a moment to let this look flourish because I still can’t believe that I made this work!

The cute spot I found this week was News Cafe , at Milimani. I really love how it’s location is so minimal, with a touch of colour and vibrancy!

It wasn’t one of those days to enjoy a cold cocktail , so this strawberry smoothie was just right , especially for this crazy heat onset .

My rule of thumb is and will always be to believe in love, to love & to be loved. It’s a beautiful thing! Not trying to get philosophical, but it was much needed to be put out there . You’re welcome .

Secretly obsessing over this highlight that literally flowed up my cheek bones. I paired my top with my denim jacket, because you can never go wrong with this!

The trick to wearing sequin is to mix and match! I know right , super easy but very tricky . Also a good amount of accessories are a great opt , but do not go too loud with it. I finished it off with a pair of printed sandals , bringing out a pop of colour but not drawing off attention to the pants.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Make a point of visiting this spot soon! It’s a great spot for a cosy date ! Trust me !

Thanks for stopping by!


Sincerely, Didi


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