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I’m really not a fan of Valentine’s , okay maybe just a little. I mean, who wouldn’t mind a day of just celebrating romance? Besides that, I think it should also be the time when you also practice self-love. It’s really not hard. Dress up, take yourself out on  date, have some wine, snap some #foodiepics, enjoy the wifi and leave at your own will…Oh! And when you’re on your way out, pass by the spa, get a facial, perhaps a massage? Enjoy your own company and recognize yourself!

That’s one option. The other would definitely induldge in a galentines day out, call your girls out, plan out a food tasting date and make sure you try out something new. Something foreign. Here’s an example of what I have in mind.

Mercado Restaurant:

First of all it’s Mexican. That’s quite foreign to me . It’s located opposite Sarit Centre , Westlands.

What I loved : The restaurant was so well lit, the ambiance so surreal, the music playing in the background , the  experience was just heavenly.

We  came through to have a full Mexican experience & celebrate my best friend’s birthday! It was amazing! The mood is almost perfect for every occasion! Am I right ?

We most definitely didn’t plan for the pose you know, #bestfriendgoals . I’m pretty sure that was the most fulfilling  restaurant visits, following the never-ending platters!

The different types of tacos , sandwiches & wraps I had were overwhelming! Atleast I had Kaluhi by my side to help me nibble !

Did I mention that the benched seat I was on was a swing ! I got to sip on some sweet cocktail as I swing and catch up with my girls!  Got to love that b!

If you have a sweet tooth, the desserts will definitely give you an entire experience of sweetness and richness at once. I was so in love with the churros and caramel dip with whip crème !

The far end of the restaurant really had me with the simple decor , ancient wall art that was still modern so I was literally just in awe! Had to take a shot or two here .

Honey just because it’s Galentines doesn’t mean you can’t show some skin! Dress up for yourself because when you look good, you feel good! I opted for my A- line skirt with a high slit & paired it with this bralette my girl Jess got for me. I wasn’t trying to do the most so simple sandals would do!

What do you think about Galentines ? Have you found some inspiration ? A vlog on this experience will be up on my Youtube Channel  .

I hope you enjoyed this post &  remember to spread positive frequencies !

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Sincerely, Didi

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