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My 2 years in Blogging Diaries

The greatest choice I made two years ago was starting this journey. I didn’t know what would happen, I didn’t expect so much love and growth,I didn’t know where to begin and that was the best part ; Having to figure things out by myself, at my own pace and definitely out of my comfort zone. I decided to do this for me and I couldn’t have been more happier.

If you ever feel like you want to do something  but you always have that one thing  holding you back, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful”

 Joshua J. Marine

This quote resonates with me a lot especially in this journey because for one thing , there’s always going to be a bad day where you feel unworthy of anything , a day where you have no content to put up, a day where  you might have financial constraints, a day where those who you rely on might not cut it for you… I could go on and on on some of the lows I’ve had but the  bottom line is that, each challenge has a purpose if not a lesson. Learn and grow from it.

I wanted to share some tips that I’ve learnt over this time, in case you want to start a blog or if you just need some motivation.  Whatever it is that you want to do, make sure you go into it giving it your all. Be it in your work place, your friendships or  your relationships because if you get into something half-sided, you won’t achieve your maximum potential .

Discovering your purpose: 

For me, I started out my blog to share my style diaries, share my snapshots of my life and for my love for writing. Once I discovered that I really loved writing, taking pictures and putting myself out there, I decided that I would continue on by staying motivated, setting goals and staying productive!

As I mentioned earlier, the journey has not been all fun and cheer. There have been constant days of feeling lost, feeling unworthy, feeling pressure, wanting to give up and that’s okay. It definitely wouldn’t be a journey without several hurdles but after a lot of introspection I realized that I really am passionate about my blog and I wanted to stay true to my purpose , true to the cause and continue sharing my little life and style diaries with you.

Being true to yourself / being real:

With this industry, comes a ton of pressure, where you have to be seen in certain lights for people to like you but if you get lost in all the hashtags , sauce and   ” blogger lifestyle” then you will have lost yourself in the process. Sometimes people just want to see the fancy, the constant adventures, the constant latest trends and drama but then again realizing who you are will save you. Always cut your coat according to your cloth. Don’t live a life that isn’t yours. Don’t overstretch yourself just to fit in or be seen with certain people or certain places. As long as you know who you are and you are putting out an image that’s honest and real, you will be appreciated as you are.

Being patient:

Everybody want to be successful. Its healthy and very normal. I’ve learnt that success comes in different ways , and for some people success is wealth, for others its fame, for others its contentment and being in a state utter happiness and all there is for a good success story is by learning the virtue of patience. Everything comes at its own time , so continue on and do what you can. When the timing is right, your success story will come.

Stay motivated & set goals :

Personally, I like staying motivated by following other bloggers, reading their posts, learning from them (not trying to be them b. learn.) , drawing plans for my content , researching ,listening to podcasts,  setting goals and involving God in my processes. I don’t know what cuts it for you, but whatever it is that motivates you do it! I recently started doing yoga to reconnect with my mind, body and soul and it’s a form of therapy and motivation for me because each day I learn something new and it motivates me to start my day just right!

I have some goals for my blog and my YouTube Channel and I’d really love your support. I want to grow my channel to 10000 subscribers and I know I haven’t reached 1000 yet but if you’re goals don’t scare you, are they big enough? I know it seems impossible but the impossible in this case is very possible and if others can do it, why not me? That being said, subscribe to my channel here and let’s get it!

For my blog, I also want to hit  10,000 monthly views & I  want to engage more of you on my blog posts and social media posts so that we can connect more. If you haven’t subscribed to my blog as well, please to do so by entering your email on the right side of the page if you’re on a desktop and below the page if on a mobile device!

Building connections/ Newtworking: 

One thing that can get you where you need to be is by building connections. Education alone will not cut it , Wisdom alone will not cut it, Business alone will not cut it, but building connections with people will. One thing that I’m building right now is strong connections with people because at the end of the day once you put yourself out there in a good reputation, that is what they will remember. Not your brand.

As I sign off, I want to appreciate you for the constant love and support! I can’t wait to continue on in this journey and grow with you by my side. I truly wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you!

” A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected” 


~ It’s handled.

That person is me.


Sincerely, Didi


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