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The Mayura

Another week, another restaurant !!

So I’m really trying to do the most in terms of creating content , exploring Nairobi, spending time with my sweethearts & Just living it up so here’s how it went down.

I went to this pretty Indian restaurant called The Mayura located at The Hub and I hands down loved the entire experience. I was celebrating my best friend’s birthday & don’t worry a vlog will be up soon.

I really improvised in this outifit because if you remember my First  blogs posts, I wore this orange play suit with some boots but this time round , I paired it with a lace skirt for a more playful & fun look.

Because I have a full vlog of this Mayura experience , I’ll just snap a few  foodie pics. I am in love with the Chicken Tikka that was sooo much , so tasty , so heavenly and I served it with some French fries & some dry wine !

The interiors were done just right & we moved outside to get a better glimpse of the view. The service there was was hella warm , the manager being so lovely & allowed us to stay as Long as we wanted to. #howiwish

I do defo come here again just becsue the portions were worth the money, the food was affordable as well & let’s not go forget the amazing savoury delicacy. Ah bien!

That’s all for today my loves! A more visual vlog will  up soon , in the meantime check out my vlog at The King post and see how amazing the experience was .

See you soon!


Sincerely, Didi

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