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The Mayura

Another week, another restaurant !! So I’m really trying to do the most in terms of creating content , exploring Nairobi, spending time with my sweethearts & Just living it up so here’s how it went down. I went to this pretty Indian restaurant called The Mayura located at The Hub and I hands down …


Comfy knits

This is the first January that begun on a rather chilly note , so comfy knits are my definite go to . Especially now that school is back in session and the mornings  are rather breezy , I’d be clinging on this comfy knit  for a while .  I wouldn’t say I’m super ready for …


Life lessons

It’s that time of the year again.Time to reflect , time to say goodbye … There are so many things I learnt over the year, so many amazing moments , so many highs and equivalent lows . What didn’t work for you shouldn’t be your downfall. That shouldn’t be your story . Wake up and …