This Christmas

O- Em- Geee

It’s Christmas !!!!! As you can tell I’m pretty  excited for today. I’m actually very much excited . If there’s such a word.

First of all I’m super thankful to God for being here today having lived through the year, but I’ll go into detail in my 2017 appreciation post next week.

As you spend time with your loved ones today , Remember to give thanks! Remember to share and remember to spread love.

My  family’s  Christmas traditions for the longest time has been staying together, preferably upcountry with the entire extended family throwing barbecues, banter and good food cooked with love by my mother .

I’ve always been my mom’s little elf in the kitchen helping here and there with small dishes like blending juice & making salads but this year I’m the big Shaq. Man is definitely hot making a 20 course meal!

I’ve  been watching my mom cook for years now and I slowly learnt a thing or two & added a twist to her recipes. I recently found my new found love for cooking because of her.Thanks mom!

Lots of hugs & kisses from me as a huge thank you & christmas gift. You’ve been such a great support system to me & I couldn’t be happier. 

I wish you all the joy & cheer filled with huge amounts of love!

Let’s quickly  talk about my look. How cute is this outfit ?? I’m so obsessed with this cropped off shoulder with matching choker ft. My fav ripped jeans . Had to pair it with my all time favs, my black leather & vans.

Feeling ? So Afro chic in this look & ready to conquer the world in my warming smile & very Long Island!

Happy holidays !!


Sincerely, Didi

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