Denims & Florals

Hey there!! Hope December has been so good to you so far , has it?

I’ve been really loving this last month of the year, because I’ve had loads of reflection series of the year in my mind , and I’m feeling quite good.

A proper way to show glow and excitement would definitely lean over to the floral side because I can also be super girly when I need to !

I’m really feeling flowy vibes this season & I just hope my wardrobe complies to that, because you know how I am with my jeans and tees… Those are my staples!

This look is perfect  for a subtle meeting , a date  or a Sunday at Church! I wore this to Church actually and I did this impromptu post because I loved the look.

I’m really feeling this floral  vibe actually. I should dress more feminine  more often right?

I paired  my denim shirt with this A line floral skirt & the two complimented each other so well.

For the shoes , I wore my sandal heels , but before that I had some sandals on and decided to switch them up later on . How do you love this ?

I’m also really enjoying having my hair out and this fro really came through for me . I soon will be uploading more natural hair content on my YouTube channel Hereso stay tuned for that .

This gorgeous little bag has really done the most for me , & I’m so obsessed with the small fit. It’s perfect for when you only need to carry essentials & super easy to carry as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly , stay safe .


Sincerely, Didi


  • Tastie Dine

    Just seen you’ve followed me on IG, and I was like I need to check out your blog.
    First of all, am so in love with your natural hair. I just fully transitioned since Sept, and girl the struggle is real. I haven’t had heat on my hair or braided since then. Yours looks so fluffy/fun to style and I just want to steal it.
    Question: –
    1. What oils works for your hair? {scalp & hair}
    2. How frequent do you condition and wash.
    3.Any tips for a newbe on natural hair??

    • Treasa Mbeka

      Hey baby girl! thanks alot I gave a full detailed hair update, journey and tips on my hair care on my channel and you can watch the video here

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