Holiday Ready!

Yeyyyyyy! Are you as excited as I am for this month? The funny thing is that I really have nothing planned but I Just love the season of Christmas and all the cheer that comes with.

What better way to usher in this Jolly month of December than with printed bikini tops & bottoms ?

I may not be as bikini ready considering all the junk I’ve had these past three months , but I’m confident that I still look smashing I hope?

December should be a month of full on relaxation and sun bathing featuring a few trips here and there , I really hope it falls through !

My two piece bikini had to have some hints of pink because that’s my favourite colour. I cant even deal with the love I have for pink pastels . It’s crazy !

I really loved the zebra print on me , I feel like it brought out the thunder. It was very minimalistic and stylish at the same time.

Literally can’t wait for the semester to end so that I can get  to  full relaxation mode and bask in the warm December sun!

I hope you enjoyed this short post, do stay tuned for more & most Importantly, stay safe !


Sincerely, Didi

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