My mind and New Found Love

My mind and New Found Love

I feel like it’s been forever since I wrote.  I know, I’ve never ever in my  entire blogging scene missed a week of posting, come rain, come sunshine or even in sickness. This has been something I’ve really loved doing and for a while my mind hadn’t been in its best state, there were loads of mixed feelings, confusion, vulnerability and feelings of unworthiness so I didn’t want to bring that out because I love spreading good vibes and love and I didn’t want to fake it.

So I took a short break and I’m back now. I am fully aware of what I want to bring out, fully enticed into my creative process and fully motivated and glad to be back in the scene. I hope you missed me and I hope that you will forget that feeling because I’m back on my usual Monday schedule so yes, I intend to forever be a fresh memory for the start of your week.

Okay now to my new found love, it would definitely be jumpsuits! And not just any kind, the floral kind. This was such a change from what I usually wear, my trusty jeans and tees, but once in a while I do love to revamp my style.

The occasion being one of my close friend’s birthday celebration, I defo had to dress for the scene. 21 is no joke. Ps: You can watch the vlog on how the day’s events happened here

I went for this floral jumpsuit that was super cute and comfy cotton fit. Jumpsuits are a quick way to add some chicness to an outfit especially when you really want to play it cool and not show so much skin, or none at all. I teamed it up with my favourite pair of black heels and played minimal accessories with this blue clutch.

It was truly a day built for stepping out of my comfort zone, and I did by trying out this flattwist updo that I’m still yet to perfect. Trust me, once I do, I’ll grace you with a tutorial for sure!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi


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