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Big hair no care, I’m I right?

So let’s give it up for that afro puff shall we?

Of late, I’ve been wearing out my beautiful  afro because it is part of my charisma. Loud, kinky, fun and definitely hard to impress. By that I mean it takes my hair a lot to actually fall in love with a product, so yeah. Hard to impress.

I also seem to be in love with retro vibes and its amazing how in each decade, there were different ways women made their era different from the other, be it in the way of dressing or the hairstyles.

Long buttoned skirts were a thing of the 50’s so I brought it back in this baby denim colour. I absolutely love anything retro and this was an all time fav.

This elbow length sleeve was definitely a first, I actually got this top during one of my thrifting sprees and couldn’t find something to pair it with. I love the colour, it being my favourite and the soft cotton feel.

I can’t have enough of side shots, so here’s a little spam for the thrill of it. The two tones blended perfectly, so  subtle and of zero effort.

The buttoned up detail of the skirt had me from the time I saw it hanging at some thrift store just around school. I wasn’t super pumped about the length but it still worked perfect but maybe, just maybe I might have a mini made out of it.

This face right here is me casually walking out of the shop knowing I had a good bargain deal. I managed to cop the belt for free thanks to my sweet promising smiles.

Also this is the face of wearing insanely high heels that are very very painful but still soooo cute. Love them. I got these heels from Boohoo and I loved the ruffle details on them.

That being said, let’s give it up for the afro puff one last time. I hope you enjoyed this post, definitely do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe!




    • Treasa Mbeka

      hey girl!! well I have more info on hair products on my youtube channel but mostly Cantu does the job. Lately I’ve been doing more exploring of kenyan natural hair brands like saru organics, mikalla and you can get more international brands from Jesavi Products on instagram.

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