It’s a beautiful thing how roses bloom when it’s time , & in such lovely aura. This was  most certainly one of my best weekends, minimally spent.

Its funny how I literally have no words to describe how happy I was . How happy I still am.

The process of growth is beautiful in its own way. Especially when you get to see it in yourself and in someone else. When you get the chance  to see the bloom in someone else , the drive and passion behind it all ,  there’s nothing more satisfying than actually  having being part of it or playing a significant role in it .

I spent the day eyeing this cute little space by the corner and finally got a chance to capture the scene in its majesty, so minimal and aesthetically pleasing .

I enjoyed a taste of refreshing mimosa from Mukami who makes them with such love . I can’t seem to have a shot of that, but you must believe me though. It was tastefully made .

Since the day was mostly spent outdoors exploring different stands , I went for a casual traveller inspired look , shorts and all.

Okay hang on for a sec, you must be wondering what stands I’m talking about , so in a nutshell , it was a Yard sale at Inzzu Gardens & there were a couple of food stands, wine tasting, novel collections, thrifted pieces, home wear & my favourite one ; a denim jacket stand by True denim

Absolutely love the custom made pieces and prints from  African inspired to urban trendy picks and every other thing in the lines of Denim & more denim jackets . Be sure to check out their page True denim and make an order!

Kay, so outfit details. I paired this oversized denim with knee length striped shorts and sandals, everything borrowed. The shirt was defo my brother’s , the shorts my mother’s & the sandals my sister’s. #familygoals

On the lips, I had this Rebel  lipstick from Pauline cosmetics a shade that I never tried before. Pink is for sure my fav colour but I always thought of it not being perfect for a lip colour especially for a fuller lip. But I liked it . Definitely a review on the channel coming soon about their collection , so stay tuned for that.

Gosh I didn’t realise how roses are so lovely. For my hair I went for this cute do & knowing I’m a real one , I left up a tutorial on how to get this done and you can watch it Here 

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more and most importantly, stay safe! Oh! &  Remember  to bloom truthfully like the rose that you are!


Sincerely, Didi

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