London Girl

London Girl

It’s a new month!!! Happy birth month to all the October babies doing their damn thing. I was a proper beach babe casually sunbathing in my London tank , my favourite one for sure.

I would trade in this hectic Monday full of deadlines to beat for a day at the beach. Just a few hours of relaxing, sipping on some drinks and enjoying the view , maybe attempt to paint .

This private beach at Diani as one of my favourite stop overs at the coast. I went to south coast after a long time and it was just as beautiful, less bustle and definitely more green.

Soaking under the majestic heat of the sun was so refreshing. I just needed some shade and mattress and you could leave me there forever in the comfort  of my phone.

Also just in case you didn’t  know I’m as playful as playful get some gets I caught a few splashes and sand in my hair for thrill  of it. Oh and this was minutes before I lost my hoop earrings in the waves as I was doing a cartwheel. *eyeroll*

My tank was paired by these blue shorts from Topshop,tote from Primark & sandals from office. Such a cute combo right ?

I legit can’t wait to post the Diani travel blog soon. Be on the lookout, Any Friday now. Kay let me leave you to it now. I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for ore & most importantly, stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi 


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