I wanted to end the month on a much firey note so here goes . I have been fully immersed in old school style, so mom jeans are definitely my staple of the month. Aside from that, I’ve also been in love with cropped tees and the classic 90’s vibe so the polyester jacket had Continue Reading

Of tropics and banging bods

Because it’s been overbearingly hot of late here in Nairobi, this calls for a tid bit of lounging by the poolside, catching up on latest music, good company & great drinks . Im telling you that facial expression right there is just  how much this heat bothers me . Too absurd. On a much lighter Continue Reading


Big hair no care, I’m I right? So let’s give it up for that afro puff shall we? Of late, I’ve been wearing out my beautiful  afro because it is part of my charisma. Loud, kinky, fun and definitely hard to impress. By that I mean it takes my hair a lot to actually fall Continue Reading


It’s a beautiful thing how roses bloom when it’s time , & in such lovely aura. This was  most certainly one of my best weekends, minimally spent. Its funny how I literally have no words to describe how happy I was . How happy I still am. The process of growth is beautiful in its Continue Reading

London Girl

It’s a new month!!! Happy birth month to all the October babies doing their damn thing. I was a proper beach babe casually sunbathing in my London tank , my favourite one for sure. I would trade in this hectic Monday full of deadlines to beat for a day at the beach. Just a few hours Continue Reading