Craving the weekend

A little over due with this blog post !! I’m so sorry ; So let’s just get Into it .

And I know it’s only Tuesday but this is all about a good entry to the weekend featuring Friday shenanigans and accompanying smart casual but still sexy look for an evening out with the gang.

If you didn’t know I like my drink, then now you know. There’s  something about the smoothness in rum that’s makes me rough around the edges and definitely one with the stories .

Funny story, we spent the Friday of the annunciation of the President at Uptown Grill and honestly I’ve never had a whole grill to myself . I mean who knows Kenyans not to show up even when there’s abit of some instability?  The entire way to the grill was super deserted it was unbelievable.

It was a really lovely experience though. Top of the deck services to only us , whole floor to ourselves and omg cocktails on cocktails.

So now let’s talk about the look. Boyfriend shirt because it has such a mature and sexy feel to it and I love the aspect of oversized everything .

Baby girl also didn’t come to play so she went for a printed skirt and a leather coat because it’s lit.

I could go on and on about how amazing this place was but I think you should just watch the vlog on my YouTube Here then be the judge of that.

‘Course a good old boyfriend shirt had to be paired with boyfriend cropped jeans so I did just that and threw on my trusty converse and purse .

I hope you enjoyed this post, do Stay tuned for loads more and most importantly, stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi

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