Im Igniting.

Sometimes I feel like the whole societal  facade of naming people according to how they present themselves is vaguely unrealistic.

Which brings me to my side note. I don’t mind being the “good girl” as some call it . Always in check , one to not fight, kind to people , happy at all times, easy to talk to.  Sometimes you’d think “good girls” don’t break rules but maybe they just don’t get caught. But then again, you’re  not wrong. That definition might just be me, so here’s sth extra to go with.

I have the sole will to do as I please and where as I’d want to because it makes me happy.  Just because my persona is mirrored to be this one ‘ thing’ doesn’t give anyone the will to decide that ‘this is not me’ .

As a matter of fact, this is me. The one that gets it together , the one that rides out whole heartedly , the one that deals with all the pressure , The one that comes undone & the  one that the one that actually got away.

So yes. You might not be used to some certain switch ups in my life that appear outwardly but that doesn’t really mean “I’ve changed ”

So yes. Give it up for the drop down  off shoulder denim jacket that brought in my ignition.

Paired with my new favourite mom jeans , this was one of my bests. And omg I finally copped myself these vans that Ive been dying to own for the past year and you can get them  Here 

This is my space. However well I want to light this up, Its up to me.

I am still me, Still  T, forever Mbeka & most definitely

Sincerely, Didi


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