Whether it’s subtle playful colours or rich and chic opts, Pauline cosmetics   definitely have it all. I recently got a package of these four amazing lip colours and they are my current fav’s.

L-R : Marvel , Royal Diva, Bombshell & Rebel.

I loved how shimmery they can look in the sun and how long they last! They even look so much better on your lip Win win right ?

Definitely loving the packaging as well and these lipsticks can change your look from basic to bad ass in a single swipe!

I went for bombshell on this look because I feel like I’ve worn Marvel and royal diva so much they need a break!

Remeber how shimmery they looked under the comfort of the sun? This is it babe . I have never been such a huge lipstick fanatic but I just couldn’t resist.

Just incase your wondering if it’ll go with your skin tone, It defo will!! I love Pauline cosmetics colours because they have such richness in them. I usually don’t use a lip liner on them because they have so much definition with or without being lined.

Omg almost forgot! I literally fell in love with the fact they can stay on for so long without a second coat because that’s just how bomb they are.

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I hope you enjoyed this short post, and if you’re wondering how to get yourself one of these, you can get them from any Super cosmetics store , or straight from their offices in Parklands, Ring road , all details on their page Here


Sincerely, Didi 

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