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Island Girl

I’m slowly falling in love with the beach , the calm ocean and all there is to exploring.

There are so many places to discover in North Coast and Diani was a definite fav.

So quiet and serene away from the bustle of Mombasa town in itself , this would be the perfect place to unwind and just feel.

If I could describe my time at Diani, I’d  be short of words for it. I can’t wait to share my vlog  on my YouTube channel in a few weeks. You can catch up on my latest vlogs Here

The calm tides and warm sun call for a bohemian inspired look all in the spirits of an Island girl.

Pairing my black maxi with my striped cammy was just the perfect blend of a boho inspired look. The floral kimono brought it all out to life.

This new month, I pledge to remain happy and I’m looking forward to sharing so much more with you lot. My backbone & drive.

I dream to be as free as the ocean and to flow to the currents of life majestically.

The best part about Diani was having to cross over to South Coast on a ferry ride, having majestic views and refreshing vibes and it had been such a long time since I was on transit.

These were parts of my little travel Diaries and heck! I had to look damn good while at it so what did I do?

I couldn’t deny myself some glam , so I copped this gorgeous defined lip -Marvel from Pauline cosmetics and you can get their collection from their Instagram page  Here straight from their offices or at any Super cosmetics store .

Literally fell in love with the Royal Diva lippie as well and I switched over to it in the day because why not!  I can’t wait to share my review on the lippies on my channel , so stay tuned for that!

I hope you enjoyed this post, definitely stay tuned for more , but most importantly , stay safe!!

Happy new month!!


Sincerely, Didi 

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