I’ve honestly been in dire need of a short vacay ever since the semester started, and now that we’re done I’m already having bikini options of what I’ll be wearing on my alleged staycation or just a dip with my girls.

The perfect go to would be a two piece bikini and laying by the pool and jamming to loyalty by Kendrick & Rihanna . I literally can’t with that song.

Patterns being my loyal trustees definitely had me the first time I saw this set. I actually love that I can pair the bikini top with another bottom preferably white or black for that tumblr setting lol.

I love the pop of colour that the bottoms had but still synced with the top by the brown accessory piece on my sternum and waist line.

These bikinis sit low on the hips accentuating your waistline and legs, my favs. Defo can’t wait for some ultimate relaxation.

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe! Oh and vote wisely!


Sincerely, Didi

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