OMG.Can you believe this ? We’re literally on the 8th month of the year already ?? Time flies by so fast.

Happy new month regardless. The weather on its own hasn’t given us enough time to decide what our wadrobe essentials should look like, but seeing as it’s started on a rather gloomy note , Jungle green for the win!

Especially excited because it’s also the last run of the semester so that’s something to look up to…

Another hint of joy because umm, flowers!!!! Although it’s not officially fall, it’s coming through maybe not here in Kenya , but the least I can do is fall back in place with my earthly hues, hence my jungle green coat.

Pause. Because I mean , whose legs are those ?? Seriously though?

Finally, the outfit. You know I’m all about comfort, so this is me. Catch me around school in my skinnies, paired with a striped tee why, because it accentuates my torso. Also tucked it in because I needed that waist line to be on point. I threw over my coat just to add a pop of colour, Oh I really didn’t care if its sunny or not. The jacket had to pop. Oh and of-course, my converse because? Again comfort.

K bye! I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more but most importantly stay safe & VOTE WISELY!!!


Sincerely, Didi


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