I’m so stoked July begun on a rather shimmery and warm note and I can’t help but soak right in. You might be wondering though. Umm, what do I mean by that? Loads of shorts, dresses, skirts and flowers. My fav. duhh

Shorts are definitely my go to for everything and the best part about these floral ones is that they blend right in. Perfect for a date, picnic, beach, walk , you name it!

I’m especially in love with how free and comfy they are. Thank you for the invention of silk. These floral gems are literally the perfect summer time essential so you’ll defo catch me rocking them again some time in December ready for some jingle balling if the weather behaves.

Did I ever mention how my love affair with the very seductive off shoulder trend begun? It all started out with this peachy MRP piece. Literally my first one. I saw it on the shelves hanging and it was indeed love at first sight and I couldn’t let it go so here we are now.  (#don’tbeafraidtocatchfeels)

Sliders are such a summer time ting, so in my feels, I paired the look with my black sliders which are super comfy and bring in that cute girl next door factor to the outfit. You can even tell by my facial expression. As an accessory, my kyondo bag was a definite go to and still outdoorsy if there’s such a word.

This would be my perfect summer time go to look , everything simple and colourful. I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe.


Sincerely, Didi

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