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Hey there,

It’s Didi…Sincerely, Didi and this is my tape. As we speak, it’s exactly 15hours before I actually turn 21 here’s my tape.

I was born on May 24th 1996 at 9.00 am . Here’s the thing about me. When I want something , I go for it, I don’t like taking no for an answer which is why my mother almost gave birth to me at the door step of Nairobi hospital because I decided it’s time and I couldn’t wait. Don’t get me wrong though. I am a very patient person, my friends would know that but then again being a last born and whatnot I usually get away with not being sooo patient with my demands, but my parents got used to it. After all I’m daddy’s little girl. Always have, always will be.

I grew up with the privilege of having both my parents around and I got to be close with them both because I talk a lot. It was bound to happen anyway. I used to be so shy and kept together so I’d find myself always reading but the story changed over the years. I discovered I love writing more than reading, so that’s how the story of Sincerely, Didi  begun. With my love for writing.

Here’s what you need to know about me. I’m a happy child. Sometimes things do not always work for me but I still smile after I do a little complaining of course, but that’s okay.  I feel like I’m trapped in the middle of growing up and holding on to the fact that part of me is still very rich and young inside. I believe in love, happiness and fairy tales and I also believe in dark and grey spots that come at some points in our lives, but the true task is learning how to deal with that. Transitioning into adulthood.

I also love the idea of dressing up. Hence my love for fashion begun. I discovered that my style is very simple, I work with what I have and transform basic closet staples into something fun and comfy. I also seem to be in love with vintage style, after all I am a 90’s girl right?

21 is your peak. For me it’s not that I’ve just removed the 0 from 20 and replaced it with a 1. I have earned it. I have learnt how to live independently,I have learnt how to handle different life situations thrown at me, I have discovered what my purpose in life is, I am surrounded by people who love me, I am happily pursuing what I love to do and I owe it all to God and to my parents who have shaped me into who I am today.

So, if you’re wondering, what is my plan when I turn 21? That’s pretty simple! MORE LIFE! Or let me put it this way, adulting. I want to continue sharing what I love doing the most, I want to focus on building myself , I want to test the waters and see what life will throw at me, I just want to live and be happy. That’s what I’ve always wanted.


This past Sunday, I decided to go for brunch with two of my gems , my twin brother & childhood friend Eric. It was pretty chill.

I really loved the set up of the K1 flea market located in Parklands, and I can’t wait to share my full experience on my YouTube channel.

How legit is this though? This was the first part of my birthday plan and I decided to share this day with the people who mean the world to me.

I love the way the burned out flash cubes of a camera marked a moment that had passed. One that would be now gone forever save for a picture & in our hearts.

You don’t need a million friends. Sometimes all you need is your big brother. If you’ve been watching my YouTube videos, then you’ve met my brother. Quick story. I call him my twin because we are inseperable and everyone thinks we are, so I actually would have loved the idea of us being twins. He’s the best.

The brunch was well lit, a three course meal of banana & oatmeal parfait , followed by either ‘mbaazi’ and mahambri with coconut milk which were my opt and of course my brother went for his meat & knowing the Englishman that Eric is, he opted for a Chicken waffle.

There was so  much more to offer at the flea market, with amazing cakes, brownies and cookies by Bahati and you better make sure to attend one Sunday Brunch and have a taste for sure.

Yeah that’s also part of the plan 21 shots have to be fired.  I literally I’m so excited for tomorrow and I cant wait to vlog my birthday weekend as well to seal of the deal the right way *wink wink*

You see that? That’s the face of a girl who’s ready to conquer the world & I can’t wait for my journey to begin.

Happy birthday me. I deserve it.


Sincerely, Didi.




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