MAY-WEATHER ( back to school edition)

Are you feeling a bit under the weather this May? Say no more, I’ve been feeling the same of late. Especially now that we’re back in school and the weather makes it so hard to shine in my very loved minis and crops…

It’s even more tricky when the weather goes off and on, because the sun might just pop up out of nowhere with your huge layers, leaving you looking quite confused.

One thing that keeps me going this May would be a hot cup of tea/ hot chocolate, whichever comes first. I’ve also been leaning back to the 90’s style and I seem to be fitting right in. One thing that was a major go to back in the day, was nylon wear guards. They were even better when coloured, but seeing as its mostly gloomy, I’m most definitely playing around the not so bright.

I got this green and navy wear guard from ‘gikomba’  and even made a back to school clothing haul on the pieces I got from thrifting. If you haven’t watched it yet, here you go: Gikomba haul I went for this colour because its subtle, not too loud and not dull either. LOVE IT! It’s also super light so when the sun decides to make a pop up, it won’t be overbearing for you at all.

I paired the wear guard with a black halter neck from primark to keep me warm PS: the outfit would still pop without the jacket because black just compliments denim so well. I then opted for my Levi’s which I also thrifted a year ago. I think my go to college style would be jeans, sneaks and tees or I switch up the jeans for mini’s or shorts.

I went for the cuffed vibe just to bring some emphasis in these maroon converses  that I’m currently obsessing over, U.E.O.N.O  . College is the best time to find your style, and I’m so happy I have discovered what I really love. It doesn’t have to be one thing though, expound your options, try out various things… Strangely enough we can all  blend into the casual, edgy , vintage, girly, grundge  and other types of style , only bring it out the way you know how.

And since the day ends chilly, I threw over my marvin just to keep my ears warm enough and I was all set for my evening class.

Hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe!!


Sincerely, Didi


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