I won’t lie. I’m feeling so lush in this pink attire with the dash of blue that I rarely ever go for. But I mean, change right?

May is all about your grace & by that I mean me.. jk Find your grace this month and trust me you will go a long way. Plan ahead, speak it and you shall live it. ( whatever ‘IT’ is to you)

Broaden your horizons, try out something new, if the shoe doesn’t fit, onto the next…

Of late I’ve seemingly been channeling my inner original 90’s girl because I am the one, so this bootleg is such a gem. I love how some vintage pieces are slowly making waves back to our closet. Perfect timing.

So I went for these bootleg jeans that are super comfy and so casual and paired it with a pink detail flowy tank from H&M.

Such must have this pink Zara leather jacket. I love its pastel vibe and the fact that its super girly, but still a biker jacket and very much fitted. With such, you can pair it over any look and it can change the whole game. Trust me.

Back to the 90’s vibes, I paired the look with these gorgeous pink Dorothy Perkins blocks. PS: pink is my favourite colour, so I went all out and painted my nails with a darker shade of pink to bring a more colourful vibe.

If you haven’t noticed the blue lip, your not a real one. I usually go for softer nude picks but I mean, boldness right? There’s a whole universe inside of you, and you’ll never know if you don’t explore!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi

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