bohemian vibes

bohemian vibes

Okay, so if y’all are on top your matter, then you must know it was Coachella weekend last week and boy was I watching from the sidelines. I do love the energy, the music and the dressing up that comes with it, and I know this all because I’m a religious follower of all things outdoor & fun.

This would be a possible ootd for such an event because #bohovibes assemble. I really am slowly falling for the boho inspired outfits that touch on all flowy and free fashion aspects.

I literally live for this printed dress that has a little fringed detail on the waist line. I was more drawn to how casual chic it is, since you can dress it in however way and still look bomb. For this look I was going for a boho feel and it all blended just right in.

I got this gem from H&M and I don’t mind the length because I always feel comfy in such pieces and trust me , comfort is key. If you’re not really out to embrace some skin,  it’s still okay so long as you are comfortable.

The trick to pulling out all sorts of bohemian wear would be selling it really. Don’t be out to “hippie sabotage ” if you get what I mean. Add some jewelry, some colour to the vibe and most definitely do not over layer your look because you will be out to represent sloppiness.

I paired my dress with these cute vintage buckled up shoes and they really set a casual tone. Another opt would be fringed sandals, because they also speak fluent bohemian .

The thing about a boho inspired look is that it tends to help you find harmony with your wardrobe and nature, so there really isn’t a handout given on what can or can’t be bohemian, because everything sells.

Focus on flowy pieces, lose fitted pieces, patterns ,layer out your clothing, definitely wear some braids or style your hair in majestic waves and lastly wear minimal make up. It’s that simple!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe. Ps; There’s a new video on my YouTube channel on my current favourites, so defo check that out My current favorite


Sincerely, Didi



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