Happy Easter lovelies!!

So in the spirits of the off-shoulder trend, I decided to make my own African inspired ensemble with a modern upbeat feel.

I had this look in my head for a long time so when I finally got a tailor to bring my visions to life, I was legit super excited.

I wore this look to the Nairobi Fashion Week 2016 and the theme was Mama Africa. I was so excited to be there but in all honesty the event was a turn off. I was the only one who was in an African inspired outfit, most attendees were in jeans and sandals and the designs being showcased were just detrimental. I really just got a turn off and I honestly said to myself I would not be attending fashion events anymore. There was zero effort.

So since I was all dolled up I decided to do a mini -shoot because the look would have been a total waste.  I paired this gorg leso crop with a similar high- waisted skirt that featured some leg action that I’m defo all about.

I paired the look with a choker cut from the same material and finished off the look with these sandal heels that are my current fav’s.

Seeing as this look brought out the sharp edge in me, I’m most definitely saving it for a wedding. At least the turn out will be great lol.

Okay the coconut oil was a bit over used but for my hair, I did an updo with a front bang that entailed some finger coils. Will definitely put up a video on my You Tube channel. I uploaded my current bantu knots routine so defo check that out too.

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more but most importantly, stay safe!

Also Happy Easter to you and your families!!


Sincerely, Didi

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