90’s revamped part 2

Happy new month loves!!!!

I hope you’re as happy as I am because, we are too temporary to be unhappy . Do not let anyone dull your sparkle because life is always better when you’re laughing. #cherishthegoodtimes

The past week I’ve had such a great experience mingling with my friends, neighbours, family and it has just been great. I celebrated my mom turning sixty and she was so happy to see all the sweet messages some of you sent me.

Today’s post is a continuation of part one of the 90’s revamped series, and If you haven’t peeped it here you go:

For this look, I switched up ,my accent pieces, from the polyester jacket and crop top from the first post and knowing how much denim was such a huge trend and still is, I threw over this patched denim that I thrifted.I really love pink in general, and this light shade of pink on the jacket got me in all sorts of wardrobe excitement! Over-sized denim jackets tend to be a tad heavy, but this one was just perfect, not too much pressure wearing it or trying to keep it on during a hot day.

Another huge gem during the 90’s were tote bags . The tote bag craze in the U.S. began in the 40s with the release of L.L. Beans Boat Bag in 1944. So glad for the invention. I love this fries before dudes tote that I got from Primark.

The 90s were also crazed with the coloured tees  from music bands, TV shows, 2pac The Don and other hip shirts. I revamped the coloured tee with the modern Movie, The Minions. They are so cute. Plus it also says I love England if you pay close attention. I also got this tee from Primark during my travels, you should check them out in my travels category on the homepage.

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more & most importantly stay safe. PS: I uploaded my morning routine on my you tube channel, defo have a look






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