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LOVE. So rich. So intense.

How many times do you actually tell the people that you genuinely care about that you love them? Matter of fact, what does love mean to you?

To me love is a feeling process. You feel something so deep for someone, be it your family, your friends, your soul mate and you act on it. Love is all about caring , growing, sharing and yes at a point , love does hurt. But the difference being, you have to find those who it’s worth suffering for.

I was so humbled to be part of the #loveisproject out to share and spread love through their beaded love bracelets and beaded converses. The bracelets are a reminder to love and that you are loved. The project spreads world wide not discriminating against colour, sex or gender, race, religion or background and unifies those who believe.

Do you believe in love? Today, make sure you profess your love. Tell your mom, tell your sister, tell your brother, tell your lover, because all things professed in love are pure.

One thing I’d really love to share is love with those around you. Be a good soul, spread love and kindness around like confetti. Make new friends, keep the oldies close, love like you will never love again!!

Before you share your love to others though, you must be at peace with yourself.Be at peace with the Inner you. You must battle your demons before you decide to battle other people’s demons because love means carrying the good and the bad of another individual.  Love yourself before you love others and be conscious of the vibe you spread to others because your vibe attracts your tribe. Love is not just a verb, it’s you looking in the mirror!

We are all different. ACCEPT. Accept that its okay to be different. Accept that you can agree to disagree. Compromise. Go out of your way for someone you love. Treat them exactly how you’d want them to treat you. Understand that every soul has its own sparkle and you need to understand that sparkle to be able to deal with that soul.

Forgive. Because what is love if it isn’t forgiveness? 

Now get up and tell them you love them because you mean it. I hope I have put you up in all the right ways, I hope you will use these tips and I hope that you will LOVE and LOVE DEEPLY.

Many thanks to Georgina, the most joyful soul I’ve met so far. Thanks for the amazing pictures. You can check her instagram here; Make sure, you pass through the love is website to discover more about this project of love.

Happy Sunday & Happy Mother’s day to all strong willed women out there.

I believe. Do you?



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