Dressing for your body type

Spotted: Miss Nyawi in this all black attire because you can never fall out of wearing black, unless they invent another colour darker than black.

Dressing for your body type is a major win because if heads are turning, it has to be because you look good, not otherwise. For fuller curvier ladies, you want to highlight your curves but not throw it on the spotlight breaking all codes of fashion.

The key to body confidence is comfort. So long as you are comfortable in what you’re wearing, no one’s opinion really matter, unless its your mother and you probably have to listen to her.

She was all out for that peekaboo element in this low rise dress with hole details on it. Another ideal for a casual date or outdoor event.

You need to know when showing some skin, is showing too much. If the dress is sleeveless, a longer and midi length would be your go to but as this was a tad over the mini side, long sleeves were a perfect pit. Sometimes you can get away with a sleeveless short dress, but let’s leave that detail for the evening hours.

She paired the look with these black ankle boots with a little bdazzle and threw over her sun hat, just for when the sun gets a little over bearing.

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