Blue jeans, white tee

Hey hey hey !! A week or two into March and so many birthdays are already looking up! On that note, happy birth month to y’all March babies.

So this post will be all about the basics. Sing along please “blue jeans & fitted! with the white t-shirt we did it !!” Only dancehall lovers can relate. lol

This entire look is literally all about the basic white tee and blue jeans and how you can dress it up or down, accordingly. I wore this look during the #loveisproject (check them on insta) spreading love through their custom made love bracelets, as a reminder to love and to that show you are loved. Will share that in another post.

Jeans and tee’s have a reason to be in every college girl’s closet, because they are so simple and versatile . A white tee is universally flattering and they simply go with everything! A soft V- neck tee brings out the subtle neckline when you don’t want to put your girls on the spot.

I casually borrowed this white tee from my brother’s closet and teamed it with these amazing mom jeans that are so thrifted and have my heart. I folded them just for that vintage feel with a modern twist to it. Classic!

I was happy to pair them with these gorgeous converses revamped with these bead details and you can scope more of the #loveisproject merchandise from their website, . I honestly feel like these classic sneakers are a major closet staple, and i surely need me one of those, or the amazing vans !

Because the classic blue jean and white tee is super chilled, accessories should be your go to. I tied my hair up in a bun, and tied a printed scarf for that pop of colour that went hand in hand with my red lip. I also opted for this amazing African beaded necklace that played it simple and stylish with appearances of the rings and the love bracelet.

Try out the classic subtle look and tag my other page (ootd kenya ) on instagram. I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe!

Omg I almost forgot! Thanks for the support on my YouTube channel guys!! I just hit 250 subbies yesterday and I’d love the Sincerely, Didi fam  ( ) to keep growing so keep sharing and be on the look out for videos. I post every Friday!!

Happy Sunday & do have a good week!


Sincerely, Didi



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