Hey hey hey! Here’s another quick college recipe for you lot.  I usually opt for Ugali, scrambled egg, steamed cabbage for dinner in the week but I saw the yoghurt and decided to switch it up and try a new meal. And I must say, it surely tasted as good at it looks fam.



Peeled potatoes

7 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup of milk

parsley leaves

squeezed lemon


one finely chopped onion

one finely chopped tomato


worcestershire sauce

coconut milk

daima thick youghurt (strawberry )

an ounce of salt


After peeling and washing your potatoes, put them in a sufuria with clean water , add salt and let them boil. Notice the water level is very minimal, because we don’t want to destarch the potatoes. Let them boil for about 15 minutes.

While the potatoes are still boiling, grind your three cloves of garlic, that we shall add to the potatoes later for that flavourful feel.

Once the water in the boiling potatoes is almost over, poke the potatoes with a fork to see if it is soft enough. If not, add a little more water, bring them to heat and if they’re ready, add the 1/2 glass of milk, thyme and garlic. Let the mixture cook for five to ten minutes then remove the sufuria from heat, and start mashing the potatoes.

By now, your kitchen should be filled with a sweet aroma because that’s how you know when something good is being whipped.

After that, set your mashed potatoes aside, take your defrosted fish out , cut your onions, tomatoes and grind the other three cloves of garlic.

Once that’s done, squeeze your lemon as we shall use it to flavour the fish later on.

Mix all your veggies, and let them cook for two minutes,(or until the onions and garlic are golden in colour) then throw in you fish.

Add in your fish, stir it a little and make sure it doesn’t  break off because that would be messy.

Using your coconut milk, pour it into the mixture, add salt and let it cook for ten minutes as you keep stirring to ensure the fish doesn’t stick to the bottom. The result should be thick and the aroma should call out everyone to the kitchen.

I enjoy adding my coriander as the final spice just to garnish and enhance the aroma and taste of the fish.

Back to the mashed potatoes now, put some in a plate, garnish with coriander and then pour some of the yoghurt on the mashed potatoes, to make a yoghurt fountain.

Once that’s done, serve your fish on the side and get ready to dig in!!! Trust me when I say the meal was glorious!! From the different flavours that blended so well and exploded majestically in my mouth. Try the quick recipe and comment below if you’d love more recipes, and do check out my you tube channel as well. I post every friday!!


I hope you enjoyed this recipe, and that you learnt a few tricks to spice up your mashed potatoes because I did!! I can’t wait to try out more recipes and share with you lot.

Happy cooking!

Sincerely, Didi

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  1. Hah! Who knew we could improve our beloved potato meals? I will try that one of these days.

    1. Treasa Mbeka says:

      I KNOW!!!! it’s soo good xx

  2. I wonder how the sugar-salt mix tasted, I will try this out soon.

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