Happy new month to you lot! I hope your February was well lit, #heatwaves

My style is basically simple, bubbly with a tad sophistication and with an edge so sharp. lol For a long time, I’ve been eyeing these orange culottes that belong to my mom, but heck! I figured I would do them justice with some photostardom and she wasn’t about to wear them anytime soon, so I saw no harm.

Of late, I’ve been trying to step out of my basic tee’s and jeans because once in a while it’s good to be sassy. I really loved how the colour of these culottes just popped and since they’re bright, it would only be right to team them with soft palettes like  black, white, baby pink and the likes.

One thing I love about these pants is the free feel!! I paired it with a lace cammy and a leather jacket just for that sleek factor to come through.

I paired the whole look with my favourite sandal heels that will be making such great appearances on the blog so just stay tuned. xx

I opted to do a half up half down do for my braids , and if you’re interested in more ways to style your braids, I made a video on my you tube channel.

If the sun gets over bearing, you can switch it up for just a cammy as I did. There are so many different types of culottes, from the knitted ones , different colours , so don’t be afraid to try them out and  look fab in them.

hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, and most importantly, stay safe!!

Happy new month loves!!


Sincerely, Didi


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