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I know I’ve been slacking on my natural hair care and tricks, but it’s because I’m under a protective styling and I have been from January. Braiding your hair is a good way of having a protective style, because you won’t have split ends, therefore hair growth will be your portion.

Flat twists are a major life saver especially when you’re running late and have no time for styling your hair, just as this quick one I did, but they are also great for protective styling.

It’s also a great hair growth hack because you won’t be pulling your hair and combing and this is the same principle of having dreadlocks. The hair grows because it is left untouched.

Before you do a flat twist, oil and moisturize your hair so that it stays in since you’ll probably wear it for a week.

If you don’t have moisturizer, you can sprinkle water on your hair and then section it into bits as you oil your scalp, massaging it so that it soaks in.

After that , part your hair into two sections, flatten it out by finger combing it and then twist it into a flat, just as you do normal twists, but in a motion of adding a strand as you go. ( It wasn’t as neat, but I am great at it now, so let me know if you’d love a you tube tutorial )

After I twist both the parts, I tie the two ends together and tuck them in so that they don’t come undone.

Flat twists are so simple to do and they have a stylish and fun vibe to them. Try them out and tell me what you think. Also, peep my you tube to watch my latest vlog.


Sincerely, Didi

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