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I know I’ve been slacking on my natural hair care and tricks, but it’s because I’m under a protective styling and I have been from January. Braiding your hair is a good way of having a protective style, because you won’t have split ends, therefore hair growth will be your portion. Flat twists are a …



Spotted: Mitchelle and sharon twinning in black attires. #sister goals Dressing for your body type is a major key because your outfit speaks so much without you having to say anything. Mitchelle , opted for a sleeveless black low rise  dress , paired with lace up sandals and chunky neck piece for a pop of …



Spotted: Bahati nailing this basic number as her casual pick. When it comes to basics, neautrals are always your opts. She went for an all black attire because black is the new black. Pairing her black cammy with black skinnies and black ankle boots, a good throw over would be a denim jacket just as …