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How are you? Are you feeling okay? Let’s talk about my feelings.And no, I haven’t hit rock bottom either, I am just in my October feels so how am I feeling? Incredibly peachy.


A while ago during my travels, I experienced this magnificent feeling of relaxation. Relaxed because I was by the beach, hardships aside and just enjoying the concordance between my mom and I allowing me to be engrossed in wine tasting escapades.


True relaxation comes from letting things go, its more like leaving your earthly possessions and being set free.( I heard that from one of the air nation monks in Avatar of course and you should totally watch it)


This is what relaxation is to me. woodwork:Quiet, serene and drop dead beautiful.


Well you can’t possibly be in the Coast without having at least tried the famous “madafu” – coconut milk which obviously,is a brew made in heaven. So I of course indulged in some photo stardom .


Peachy, because its October and I really want to go pumpkin picking with someone.


Peachy because OH MY GOSH! It’s the last quarter of the year guys… So instead of drowning in the could have beens lettuce (haha) all get ready for a joyous Christmas and happy new year don’t you think?


Peachy because I’m in love with this little number from H&M!!


About the look:

 Lately, I’ve found myself opting for dresses and more dresses because I have found my inner :

  1. Confidence- wear that short dress that you like because you are comfortable! Wear it because you are triumphantly proud of your beautiful blackness.
  2. Comfort- wear that short dress and be comfortable walking in it.Do not for one repulse care about what people will think of you, they are bound to have opinions, everyone is. You just have to be comfy and do you girl!


I paired this peachy gem with this floral kimono because the two just blended in well and it was a good opt for a day out at the beach.


I threw in this sun hat that I was gifted by my girl Carole as an accessory but also to  shield me from the scorching sun. When wearing dresses, a fedora would also be a good pick.


I’d say this was a really relaxing day because I got to have that peace and quiet and still spend time with family. S/O to my big sister and her three little pigs who made this day so lovely!


Oops! Almost forgot, I was feeling really hungry after, so I indulged in some masala fries and yes sided it with hot chocolate because I can!


A Sunday by the pool or beach would be my ultimate relaxation spree as i jot down a few things in my journal.

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi

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