Autumn glow!


What’s there not to love about new beginnings? This is why I love October, where you’re in a limbo, stuck between the summer blues and early winter onsets… Last year , a time like this I was enjoying the raking of the leaves as they fall off in hope of new beginnings… If only life would be that simple.


Don’t get me wrong,this isn’t one of those summer- gone wrong heart felt posts where I put it all in writing or release all my anguish to the universe. It’s all about appreciating mother nature and all it has to offer.


This last quarter of the year really has me going from the pumpkins, the skimpy Halloween outfits (because ’tis the only time you can be slutty without being judged), the beauty in fall, the endless Halloween movies then a dash of Christmas later on with the sparks of the New Year.. 2017!!!HERE WE COME!!!!



I also think that fall is the best time of the year to travel, because winter is just about to begin, there a re less tourists travelling wherever so it can really set the tone for amazing memories of beautiful cities and whatnot.img_7095

This fall, experience effortless outfits featuring bright colours leaning toward the peachy,jungle green, yellow vibes of summer just to blend the season in. Shorts will forever be my closet staple, so I paired these unfinished ,ripped shorts that I cut out from an old pair of jeans.

To bring out the shimmery vibe, I threw in this orange sleeveless top from River Island. I figured I haven’t really explored much colour schemes, so I opted fro a bright colour. Since its not too hot and not too cold, you could let your flip flops rest while you rock some casual flats, in this case I opted for these lace up’s that are so cute and I can’t seem to get enough of.


Explore the different moods of autumn with various colour blocking featuring savory picnics and lunch dates lover-birds! I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned fro more, but most importantly, stay safe!!




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