Anything outdoors tickles my fancy, I mean , I was a girl scout for half of my childhood and its safe to say that I am the one, the only true trotter (okay only if there isn’t much walking involved. Boy, i hate that!)


However, I do love to experience sleeping under open skies, camp fire and any other thing along those lines.


So during my summer break, I took a trip down to the Coast to experience all things Dora.While I was there, I learnt so much about the history of how Mombasa came to be .


Being an island surrounded with sea water all through , you’ll expect brief Pop ups of coral reefs . I didn’t even understand what it meant until a while ago.


Coral reefs are on of the most colourful and diverse ecosystems that only cover about 1% of the ocean’s floor! The fun fact is that corals are actually animals but reefs are often formed from these corals hence the name. (also I found out how painful it can be to even lean against it, but heck I did it for the picture!!)


While in water, they house several thousands of species like acting as nurseries to fish until they are large enough to strike out into the deeper ocean.All this talk is so fascinating especially when I realized that I am standing on what was once the ocean floor. Some of the ocean water receded from the coastline so …curse you global warming)



The look:

Being a hot day it was, I wanted to speak comfort in my outfit, so I went for this floral mini dress that is literally my heart at the moment.


For the shoes, I went for these brown gladiator sandals that I also love! love! With such dresses, anything could work. I had an option of flipflops or sliders but I think the colour just spoke to me.


Sun dresses can never go wrong with a gorgeous sun hat to match. I went for this African inspired sun hat that I got from my best friend (thanks C). A black fedora would also do the trick, but if you don’t have one, improvise ! Worked out for me , don’t you think?


After exploring all ends of the coral reefs by the shore, I decided to finish it off with an oh so jolly picture at the shore.


I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe!

With love from, Mombasa


Sincerely, Didi

Mbeka Didi

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