Its the high season for college newbees and Elodie here has mastered the q’s to the ultimate school girl look. You might want to take a seat for this.

Dressing up for school doesn’t have to be so hard. The ultimate school girl look would be a nice tee and jeans, but you could style down to an effortlessly chic t-shirt dress.

She dared to be bold by mixing these two amazingly and chic summer trends, featuring this little suede number.

T-shirt dresses are a definite closet staple and they can be rocked from day through night and from season to season.

To finish off this school girl look, Elodie paired the look with these insanely cool Riri Puma creepers that added edge to the outfit.

You want to look cute but still in school? Ditch those back packs and go for a simple chic sling bag and throw in a couple glosses and a notebook in there. That will do the trick!

Buns will make you dance ladies! So wearing your hair up could be your own accessory  and definitely look amazeballs for those  selfies after class.

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