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A trip down the Coast was a much needed vacay’ from the chilly Nairobi weather. There are so many sites to see in Mombasa , but I was very much intrigued with Old town, because that’s where the history’s at.


Hailing from the two must visit islands in Kenya, Kisumu & Mombasa, I’d say I’m pretty lucky to come from both ends because its only now that I’m exploring both cities after two decades of couch potato-ing.
Fort Jesus:


This port was built between 1593 and 1596 (and still standing) by the Portuguese to guard the old port of Mombasa with their trading escapades. We were so lucky to get an amazing guide who took us through the whole Fort explaining how this military monument served as a resistant to war fire.


I was overwhelmed by the architectural expertise because from an aerial view it represented a person lying on their back with their head pointed towards the ocean.

The Portuguese used these cannons to protect themselves from incoming attacks at sea and ofcourse, I had to lay my hands pon di cannon !


After Kenya became a British protectorate, it was used as a prison because there would be nowhere to run to save for the ocean, where you’d probably bang your head against the rocks below if you tried to escape.


Knowing me, I’d probably have been among those who died at sea trying to escape.

Okay, maybe I wouldn’t , I think I’d rather spend eternity enjoying the glorious view of the sea, especially at dusk and dawn.


Anyone who knows me knows how I take over a hundred pictures in the name of blogging, so big S/O to the hunky guide who bore with me. He does have some skills I must say!


This  area was used as a dock to pick the supplies from incoming ships but it just  reminds me of  King’s Landing, ruled by the Iron throne and capital of the seven cities..(okay let me stop now)


Anyone guess what this is? If you guessed a urinal then you was  right. I actually guessed it right when Ali (the guide) asked us. You’d be surprised by what vast knowledge I possess… 🙂


Something about doors, that fascinate me… Call me haunter of all woods (ha!)


I was raging with anger because a certain someone refused to take pictures of me here. Hi Stef.(my evil sister -jk I love her )

I was pretty glad to be this close to a real love anchor , a bit crusty but it still served the purpose .

Right below the Fort was a group of kids playing football by the sea. Way to set the tone , don’t you think?


After the tour of Fort Jesus, we proceeded to a restaurant by the ocean to just grasp the beauty of the Ocean and more pictures of course..

Old town:


This was the first town area inhabited by Arabs, Asians, Portuguese and British settlers. The town is being revamped to keep the history alive.


The town represents the trade culture and the architecture shows the Portuguese and Islamic architectural skills, again fascinating me.


Taking a trip through the centuries, I wanted a vintage inspired theme to look the part, which is why I went for these vintage shorts from my mom’s closet .

I paired the shorts with this sleeveless tee because it was crazy hot.

For the shoes, I went for these black plimsoll’s that scream comfort and style and they have a touch of vintage in them.


I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly stay safe.


Sincerely, Didi

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