Hello 70’s!!

That’s the first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to anything suede. I love how the aspect of fashion is brought back from the past but what sweeps me the most is the much needed storm that comes with such classic trends.

Quite frankly , I’d kill to go back to the Internet free , fashion ridden 70’s . Okay, maybe skip the Internet part… That’s so necessary right now !

I was walking in a Debenahams store in Watford, scorching through some left over horrendous pieces (because sale) and I wasn’t really in the mood to get anything because nothing was appealing , when I saw this precious suede gem just amidst the washed up pieces . 

(Should have seen how my face lit up)

After seeing this amazing trend being worked in every corner of the world from the runways , I figured I should add this suede piece to my collection of shorts.

I was going for a fun,chic and feminine vibe so I paired these shorts with this floral dress ( I know right ??) -The power of improvise on goes a long way I’m telling you…

The dress was a free falling one so it was easy to tuck it in and make it into this amazing accent piece that just blended well with the suede.

Because walking in the park would obviously follow a few crawlies, Inwent for these laced up flats . You could switch up the look with a the very many suede options , from the maxis to the minis and throw in your sandals.

Time to accessorise!! 

Okay ladies I’m not sure about you , but I still would accessorize with the ex-boyfriend gems because why not ?? It wouldn’t kill.. So I dug up this necklace from the you know what box and threw it over my neck and I love the entire pop of colour. 

I also went for a couple rings ,my everyday watch & this bucket hat to finish off with the nature like vibe.

I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more but most importantly, stay safe!



Mbeka Didi

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